Solar Energy Women Wanted East!

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Women in the Middle East are being encouraged to take up a career in renewable energy, thanks to a new initiative. The Women in Solar Initiative is aimed at engaging more women into roles within engineering, as significant growth and change takes place within the sector.

The aim of the Middle East Solar Power Association initiative, is that women will take up roles within the industry to help provide diversity and varying perspectives. A traditionally male-dominated arena, it is hoped having more women will enable innovation as well as challenging of ideas.

Mackenzie Jones, recruitment specialists in the Middle East say this is a great move and that change in the energy sector is in line with continual developments within the region.

The initiative opens up yet another stream of job opportunities for the region, as Dubai and Abu Dhabi in general are already seen by the rest of the world as a thriving business hub.

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A mentor programme and events around success stories are hoped to inspire other women into careers in renewable energy, and Mackenzie Jones say that for expats the Middle Eastern lifestyle is also a huge attraction.

Nobody can deny that tax-free living is a big draw for many. However, along with generous pay and excellent packages, the fact there are longer daylight hours attracts many, meaning they have more quality time with family at night, walking on the beach, or partying with friends thanks to the excellent nightlife.

Dubai in particular offers a whole new culture along with better job prospects in wide-ranging sectors. It is a lifestyle change for many that they are keen to take on, especially as many have friends who have moved over there – which makes many women feel more secure about relocating.

It is an excellent time for women to get into an energy-based career in the Middle East, and will definitely shake up the job market as well as traditional career choices for women – who mainly follow into humanities careers. However, this latest initiative looks to turn that on its head.

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